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Who We Are

Jerry Friedman, Founder
Jerry Friedman is an  award-winning photographer, author of the children’s book series Maurice’s Valises and creator of the television series Treasure Trekkers. These books and television shows reinforce the teaching of  empathy and kindness to young children.
Jerry is the author of the photo essay book “Wisdom of the World’s Oldest People”. Jerry used his lens to capture a community of people 110 years and older who have never before been documented. These photographs and stories were featured at the United Nations Gallery in New York and the Russell Senate building in Washington DC. The exhibition is now traveling across Europe bringing awareness to a forgotten part of our population.
Jerry Friedman is the founder of The Good works Foundation and the Earth’s Elders Foundation.
 Laura Rodgers, Director
Laura Rodgers understands that building community across diverse populations is a key element for fostering kindness and compassion, particularly in children. Laura has worked with seniors and children from many backgrounds and has advocated for the importance of creative expression for all age levels, across cultures and borders. Her extensive travel has taught her that friendship is the cornerstone of empathy and empathy is the beginning of a more peaceful world.
Laura helped build a successful creative business with photographer Jerry Friedman and then went on to develop her own social media company. Her work has included developing social media outreach for Jerry Friedman’s book series “Maurice’s Valises” to promote the books’ message to a wide audience around the world – a message of kindness and compassion that is so meaningful to Laura’s personal mission.
Kristin Lewis Haight, Communications and Outreach Coordinator
After graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in psychology, Kristin received her Masters degree in Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Communications at  Bay Path University. She is skilled in creativity, multi-tasking, entrepreneurial thinking, event planning, customer service, communications, and employee/client/community relationship building.

Our Partners

Samantha Robinson, AptART,
 Samantha is the founder and director of Awareness & Prevention Through Art (aptART). AptART is an organization of artists and activists which aims to share with conflict affected and marginalized youth an artistic experience alongside the opportunity to express themselves. AptART creates outlets to build awareness and promote prevention on the issues affecting people’s lives.
At Engine, our mission is to connect and inspire our community through art, design, and education.
Engine envisions a community and economy in which art, design, and education are valued, integrated, and celebrated.
Founded on the belief that artistic expression and creative vibrancy are the gateway to cultural, social, and economic revitalization, Engine is committed to designing, launching, and promoting community-based arts programming. Engine aspires to be a driver of artistic expression, creative industry, cultural vitality, community connections, and socially responsible practices.
Sami Wakim, Street Art United States,
Sami Wakim is the founder and editor of Street Art United States, a community that believes in the power of public art and creativity to literally transform lives and in making our streets alive. What binds us is our enthusiasm for bringing artwork of the highest caliber to audiences around the world.
We convey this message through imagery, text, symbolism, and to instill a sense of hope, and history, through creative expression which unfortunately in many inner city communities is muffled and sometimes oppressed. We often focus on projects that have a strong message related to relevant issues such as injustice, poverty and racism.
Through our content, street-art gallery and well over 150,000 social media followers and fans worldwide, we aim to support and build artist communities in every way possible. Via our Boston base, we organize mural projects and host local and international talent who have contributed to the flourishing street art scene in the city.