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Two of our highlighted programs at present are; The One Blue Sky Project and The Book Donation Program.

  • The One Blue Sky Project is an ongoing mission of the foundation. This project is a street art project that aims to instill within children a shared humanity. The project brings together children from different cultures and backgrounds on opposite sides of the world, to share in an artistic experience, tear down walls of prejudice and build international friendships.
  • The foundation’s book program donates “Maurice’s Valises” books to schools, libraries, children’s organizations and hospitals around the world.

These books help children understand emotions and learn to feel and recognize empathy. Maurice’s Valises is a twelve book children’s adventure series, written by J. S. Friedman. It recognizes and values the importance of early childhood literacy, artistry and ethical development.

The Good works Foundation is funded through profits from the sale of children’s entertainment properties and from generous donations large and small from people like you. Thank You!